Mission Statement

Psychoeducational assessments play a critical role in helping people secure the proper support systems and accommodations needed to participate more fully in the educational, economic, and social lives of their community. The aim of my practice is to provide exceptional services to my clients that can help them realize their full potential, while also respecting their time, comfort, and peace of mind. Families and post-secondary students will also have the comfort of knowing the complete costs of an assessment prior to agreeing to services.

Core Values & Principles 

All people are born equal in their right to dignity and respect and have their inherent worth as human beings appreciated.  This inherent worth is not dependent upon their culture, nationality, ethnicity, colour, race, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental abilities, age, socio-economic status, or any other preference or personal characteristic, condition, or status. 

Assessments provide important developmental information that parents and educators should use to increase accessibility and support optimal outcomes for their children and students.

Psychologists are concerned for the welfare of any person in which they relate in their role as a psychologist, and use psychological knowledge to promote the welfare of all people for beneficial purposes.

Ongoing continuing education is essential for maintaining competence and providing quality services for clients. 

Psychologists must strive to be accurate and honest; straightforward and open; and communicate as completely and objectively as possible with their clients.