I am thankful for the teachers, physicians, and counsellors who make referrals to my office for assessment. I feel proud and privileged to offer my expertise in assessment to further serve your students, patients, and clients. I am passionate about my work and the way assessments can improve a student's educational experience from primary school through post-secondary. 

What is the referral process?  

Clients can self-refer for assessment. Simply instruct your patient/client to call, email, or complete the self-referral form available on the CONTACT PAGE to schedule an appointment. You may wish to print and share this BROCHURE with them. Alternatively, you can call or email me to provide contact information and the reason for referral, and I will follow up. My voicemail and email are confidential. 

Is there a cost for my services?

YAssessments are provided on a fee for service basis, paid for by the client or through their extended health benefits company. My services are not covered through AHS.

Additional questions?

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