I am honoured and thankful for the teachers, accessibility services personnel, physicians, and therapists who make referrals to my office for assessment. I am pleased to offer my expertise in assessment to further serve and support your students, patients, and clients.

What is the referral process?  

Clients can self-refer for assessment. Please instruct your patient/student/client to call, email, or complete the self-referral form available on my CONTACT PAGE to arrange a free consultation and to schedule an appointment.

Alternatively, you can call or email me to provide client contact information and the reason for referral, and I will follow up. My voicemail and email are confidential. 

Is there a cost for my services?

Yes. Assessments are provided on a fee for service basis, paid for by the client. Some clients have some coverage for psychological services if they are part of an extended health benefits plan.

Additional questions?

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