Psychovocational/Career Assessment



Are you having a hard time deciding on a career path? Or, perhaps you thought you knew what you wanted to do, only to find out that your choice wasn't the right fit for you? If this sounds like you, a comprehensive psychovocational career assessment can help you out!

Geared toward high school students and adults looking for career direction, this assessment helps answer the question “What type of work or career is likely the best fit for me?” This career assessment package will help you understand important factors related to you future success and includes a comprehensive abilities and skills assessment as well as objective testing of your interests, and how your interests relate to people who are satisfied and successful with their chosen occupations. This assessment can be invaluable in helping you understand your personal strengths and weaknesses across multiple types of abilities, all of which directly relate to the abilities that will impact your success in various career fields. 

The end result of this career assessment is a feedback session with you about the career assessment findings, the best potential career paths for you, as well as a comprehensive narrative report which will help you find a career where you can be successful and satisfied!